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Specialized Support For People With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia – Memory Care

Memory care can be considered when it becomes difficult to care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Memory care is a senior living facility that offers intensive and highly specialized care for people with these conditions and any other memory issue.

How Is Memory Care Different?

Memory care provides a structured and safe environment with set routines for people suffering from memory issues, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. Employees of the facility will provide meals and take care of other personal tasks of the residents. It is pretty similar to an assisted living facility but specializes in helping people with memory problems. The staff is also educated to deal with unique issues that often arise when caring for dementia and Alzheimer’s. They will check in with the residents more frequently to support them navigate their day.

In regular assisted living, inhabitants are usually expectant to manage their menus, time, and mealtimes. The staff will check in on them from time to time. But in memory care, the staff will ensure the residents are getting to meals and coming to activities as planned.

People with dementia are usually prone to wander. Hence, memory care centers have alarmed doors and elevators with codes & enclosed outdoor spaces to keep the residents on-site. Many facilities offer tracking bracelets that give the residents the freedom to explore. But the staff can still monitor the location of the residents. All activities are designed to improve cognition functions and engage the inhabitants at different stages.

Choosing The Best Memory Care Facility

It would be best if you visited memory care facilities in the area several times once you narrow down your choices. Unannounced visits are encouraged to gauge how the facility is treating its inhabitants. Make an unannounced visit in the evening when the staff is less to see how they treat the people in the facility. Here are some factors to look for during your search for the best memory care facility in the area.

Layout & Physical Environment – Check if the center is clean and pleasant. They should have circular hallways so that the residents don’t get lost or get confused by dead ends. The rooms and doors should be clearly labeled to help the residents find their way around. It should have enclosed outdoor spaces with walking paths. See if the current residents are happy in the facility.

Staff – Has the staff received dementia-specific training? Is there a nurse among the staff? We’re the needs of the residents met quickly? How does the staff manage people when they become aggressive?

Food And Activities – Does the facility provide activities to keep the residents engaged? What strategies does the staff use to encourage the residents to eat? Watch and see how staff engages residents during the activities.

Availability Of Continuing Care – Some facilities don’t provide complex medical care. Check what behaviors of your loved one may require him/her to be moved to a more expensive level of care within the facility.

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