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At The Landing, we believe every person is worthy of living an extraordinary life. Our buzzing community is specifically designed to meet our elderly and retired residents’ unique needs, including meal options and maintenance-free living.

We have always been proud to provide excellence service — but we don’t stop there; we strive to empower our residents of all ages with the ability to be independent and enjoy life to the fullest.

What is Independent Living Communities?

Independent living communities are designed for those seniors who are active, healthy, and able to live their lives without others’ assistance. These communities consist of homes, condominiums, apartments, and mobile homes to maintain an independent lifestyle. However, some communities offer only minimal services like building and ground maintenance, plus security. These are no different from residential enclaves, except for the age restriction to those over 55 years of age.

Independent living communities generally provide safety and security, with easy access to a local community of banks, shops, theaters, and doctors. There usually are medical services available on an as-needed basis, wherein the resident receives higher Medicare and insurance reimbursement. There is no minimum requirement for meals served here; you participate when desired and are billed according to actual participation.

Independent Living Communities Offer Serious Amenities

Communities emphasizing independent senior living usually provide cafeteria-style dining options. Here, residents can choose to purchase a particular number of meals through this community space daily, weekly, or monthly. Consequently, many residents in such communities combine eating with others in the community dining facility and preparing their food. On top of a community dining facility, many independent living communities will also offer various other amenities. They might include options ranging from swimming pools and exercise rooms to on-site salons and barbershops.

Why Should You Consider Independent Living?

Unlike other senior housing options such as nursing homes or assisted living communities, independent living isn’t a form of long-term “care.” Consequently, a senior’s decision to move into an independent living community is rarely based on medical necessity. The reasons for moving into an independent living community can vary significantly from the reasons one moves into a nursing home.

Who Can Benefit From Independent Senior Living?

Unlike the other senior housing options such as nursing or assisted-living communities, independent living does not fall under long-term “care.” Seniors that decide to move into one of these communities do not base their decision on a medical necessity. The reasons for moving into independent living communities often vary more powerfully to why older people move into nursing homes.

Where Is The Independent Senior Living Community Located?

Is the community located within close driving distance of family or friends? While moving into a retirement community benefits from making new friends with similar people in age, you want to avoid isolating yourself from your family or a current support system. This could lead to depression or an overall decline in your mental health.

Feel free to contact your Independent Living today. You can reach us at 916-481-7105. We would love to hear from you!

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas.
94203, 94204, 94205, 94206, 94207, 94208, 94209, 94211, 94229, 94230, 94232, 94234, 94235, 94236, 94237, 94239, 94240, 94243, 94244, 94245, 94246, 94247, 94248, 94249, 94250, 94252, 94253, 94254, 94256, 94257, 94258, 94259, 94261, 94262, 94263, 94267, 94268, 94269, 94271, 94273, 94274, 94277, 94278, 94279, 94280, 94282, 94283, 94284, 94285, 94286, 94287, 94288, 94289, 94290, 94291, 94293, 94294, 94295, 94296, 94297, 94298, 94299, 95605, 95608, 95609, 95610, 95611, 95621, 95624, 95626, 95628, 95630, 95650, 95652, 95655, 95660, 95661, 95662, 95668, 95670, 95671, 95673, 95677, 95678, 95683, 95691, 95741, 95742, 95743, 95746, 95747, 95759, 95762, 95763, 95765, 95798, 95799, 95812, 95813, 95814, 95815, 95816, 95817, 95818, 95819, 95820, 95821, 95822, 95823, 95824, 95825, 95826, 95827, 95828, 95829, 95830, 95831, 95832, 95833, 95834, 95835, 95836, 95837, 95838, 95840, 95841, 95842, 95843, 95851, 95852, 95853, 95857, 95860, 95864, 95865, 95866, 95867, 95873, 95887, 95894, 95899, Carmichael CA, Sacramento CA, Rancho Cordova CA, Fair Oaks CA, North Highlands CA, Citrus Heights CA, Mather CA, Mcclellan CA, Antelope CA, Orangevale CA, Rio Linda CA, Roseville CA, Folsom CA, Elverta CA, Granite Bay CA, West Sacramento CA, Rocklin CA, Represa CA, Elk Grove CA, El Dorado Hills CA, Sloughhouse CA, Loomis CA, Pleasant Grove CA


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